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Taber Stiffness Tester

Taber Stiffness Tester
Taber Stiffness Tester
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Product Code : 362
Brand Name : Erichsen
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Product Description

TABER  Stiffness Tester

Model :  362

The  TABER  Stiffness Tester 362remains the standard for stiffness testing and is  referenced in the specifications of many standards organizations. Pioneered by Taber in 1937, the Stiffness Tester has been continuously enhanced to meet modern testing requirements and specifications. It is used for tests on flexible materials  such as thin plastic plates, paperboard, paper, metal foils, felt, leather etc. 
Stiffness and Resilience.  
One Taber Stiffness Unit is the bending moment of  0.2 g applied to a 3.8 mm wide specimen at a 5 cm
length while flexing it to a 15° angle. A Stiffness Unit is the equivalent of 1 g/cm. Resilience is the elastic quality of a material  expressed as the ratio of basic stiffness to initial stiffness calculated by the following formula:
Percentage of Resilience = Basic Stiffness x 100 / Initial Stiffness  

Initial Stiffness is the first reading obtained  immediately when flexing the specimen to the  endpoint  of deflection and is generally used for comparing relative stiffness qualities.    
Basic Stiffness is the loss of stiffness caused by  realignement of the molecules experienced by the
material when the specimen is held at the end point  of deflection.
Design and Function
It  include three major components: a constant speed  motor, a weighted free-swinging pendulum with a  clamping block to hold the specimen at the face, and  a powered, gear-driven rotating disc.
On  Type 150-B the tests results are read from a Stiffness Unit Scale on the stationary disc. On the
Type 150-E the test results appear automatically on the display panel and can be downloaded to a PC or
The clamping block is precisely aligned with the  centre  of rotation of  the gear-driven disc. The
specimen to be tested is held on the top end in the jaws of the clamping block and at the lower end
between two adjustable rollers attached to the  rotating disc. In this way, 5 centimetres of the
specimen are flexed in the standard 10 to 100 unit test range.
When power is applied to the gear-driven disc, a  resulting torque is placed on the specimen causing
angular deflection in the pendulum. This deflection is indicated directly on the Stiffness Unit Scale or on the  digital display. 
STIFFNESS TESTER, Type 150-B is an accurate, precision built instrument that  combines high sensitivity with lightweight but rugged  construction. 
Mounted on a tripod, it is factory-calibrated to an accuracy of ± 1 % full scale in each range. The
instrument is  portable and easy to operate.

This new improved version of the TABER STIFFNESS TESTER is CE approved and is 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz operational.  The Type 150-E features a 16 key keypad, a 4 x 20 character vacuum fluorescent display, parallel printer port, RS-232 port and a real-time clock and calendar.   Stiffness readings are automatically converted to the  appropriate user-selected stiffness range. Up to1,000 readings can be stored in the non-volatile memory. Average, standard deviation and high/low  readings are automatically calculated.  The stored values are classified by the time and date or by a designation entered by the operator. Stored readings may be printed or downloaded to a PC. Operators have the ability to customize the direction, deflection and number of cycles.


Technical Data

Type 150-B

Dimensions                                        : approx. 42 x 22 x 26 cm

Net weight                                         : approx. 6 kg

Power supply                                    : 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

                                                          (for 230 V a step-down transformer   is required)

Calibration                                          : at factory

Assembly                                            : completely assembled, except feet

Type 150-E

Dimensions                                        : approx. 38 x 26 x 39 cm

Net weight                                         : approx. 11.4 kg

Power supply                                    : 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 

Calibration                                          : at factory

Assembly                                            : completely assembled