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Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder

Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder
Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder
Product Code : COASTMASTER 510
Brand Name : ERICHSEN
Product Description


                                                                          MODEL : 510


Purpose and Application

A motorised film applicator is used in cases where
• a surface has to be covered with an absolutely uniform film,
• reliable information is needed on the relationship between the wet and the dry film thickness,
• a large number of exactly identical samples has to be produced.
All kinds of inevitable inaccuracies when applying films manually, are avoided by using the
automatic drawing method.

Typical users are:

The lacquer and paint industry, especially for the research / development / quality control of many
different products. Generally universities / academies as well as institutes studying high sensitive facts within the scope of their research and development projects requiring an optimally controlled film application, i.e. in the research of solar cells, fuel cells and accumulators as well as in the medical technology and research.
The parallel drying time test allows objective comparisons of the drying properties of different
coating materials.


Typical users are:
The lacquer and paint industry, especially for the research / development / quality control of many
different products.


Design and Function
The Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510, enhanced successor of the
worldwide established COATMASTER 509 MC, is a compact combined film application and testing
instrument equipped with a foil keyboard, and performing two basic functions if the appropriate
accessories are selected:
􀁹 the use as a high-precision film applicator,
􀁹 the determination of the degree of dryness in accordance with DIN 53 150 and the performance of
     comparative drying tests.
The microprocessor-controlled, precisely graded step motor drive engineering guarantees an
extremely uniform accomplishment as well as an excellent repeatability of all processes set.
Variable working distance up to approx. 400 mm.
• Individually programmable start position.
• Freely selectable drawn down speed in the range of 0.1 – 19.9 / 20 - 100 mm/s.
• Automatic quick return by key press.
• Film applicator symmetrically working in both directions.
• Freely adjustable drying times in the range of 0.1 – 19.9 / 20 - 108 min/cm.
For fixing the substrates, an ejector attachment (vacuum generator to be operated with
compressed air) for connection to all vacuum suctions plates available for Model 510, is already
integrated into the basic unit.
The user can equip the Film Applicator COATMASTER 510 with the accessories which
comply with his special application requirements and test purposes. In this respect the following
accessories are available:
Exchangeable Specimen Platforms
• Glass plate as specimen carrier or direct film substrate.
• Vacuum suction plates for foils, papers and cards, in different versions - also electrically heatable,
 adjustable for temperatures up to 140°C (upon request up to 150 °C).
• Upon request also heatable platforms without vacuum function are available


Assembly Attachments
To mount the film applicators to the COATMASTER appropriate supports are required,
except for Models 288/230 mm, 411/220 mm and 421/I and 421/II. For more details please refer to
our Price List No. 510.


Foils and Charts:
Plastic foils, system Leneta®
Contrast charts with chess board pattern or large black/white fields, as well as serveral other designs
(Mod. 451).


Various Film Applicators:
 Film Applictor System Wasag, Model 288, width: 80, 120, 180 or 230 mm
Spiral Film Applicator, Model 358, width: 80, 150 or 220 mm
Quadruple Film Applicator, Model 360, width: 13, 40, 60 or 90 mm
Film Applicator
MULTICATOR 411,width: 80, 150 or 220 mm
Levelling Test Blade and Sag Tester, Model 419
Staggered-Gap Film Applicator, Model 421/I, 10 films each 20 mm wide
Staggered-Gap Film Applicator, Model 421/II, 6 films each 35 mm wide

For more detailed information on the film applicators
please refer to the individual leaflets
288/358/360/411/421 E and 419/E.

Attachment for Scratch Hardness Tests
Adapter for swivelling and sliding mounting of models 318 and 435 on one of the attachment
assemblies. (Please refer to our Technical Descriptions 318 and 435)

Drying Time Test
The COATMASTER 510 is designed to allow seven identical or different paint specimens to be applied simultaneously onto glass strips and subsequently be tested regarding their drying behaviour.


Principle of Test
For the drying time test the test tools are drawn at a pre-selected speed across the applied film and
the various drying criteria are established in relation to the distance covered in the time period of the measurement. The measuring time (in minutes) is calculated by multiplying the corresponding distance (in cm) by the preset (reciprocal) speed (min/cm). Further details concerning the various drying time
tests are given in the Operating Instructions 510/E.
Design and Function
In addition to the application of films the combined test instrument has to be equipped with the
necessary test tools, supports etc. for drying time tests.



Test Tools
Test Tool No. 1
for the evaluation of surface drying time (wool thread to be laid onto the film).
Test Tool No. 2
for determining „no pick-up“ time (wool thread to be pressed into
the film).


Test Tool No. 3
for the evaluation of surface drying time acc. to DIN 53 150
Test Tool No. 4
for the evaluation of the grip dryness (sprocket wheel).
Test Tool No. 5
for the evaluation of the “open” time and of the relation-ship between
surface dryness and throughdryness (ball point).
Test Tool No. 6
for the evaluation of the “open” time and of the relationship
between surface dryness and through-dryness (wire loop).
Test Tool No. 7
for determining the drying time of printing inks (serrated-edge wheel).
Attachment Assembly
The attachment assembly is needed to mount up to 7 identical or different test tools.
Plate Glass Strips
There are plate glass strips available which can be used in connection with the appropriate

Technical Data
Basic Unit:
Dimensions                               : L 610 mm
                                                  W 425 mm
                                                  H 210 mm
Weight, net                               : approx. 23 kg
Power supply                            : 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
                                                  via wide-range power supply unit

Drawn-down speeds                  : Freely adjustable in the
                                                 range of 0.1 – 19.9 /
                                                 20 - 100 mm/s
Dryness test times                    : Freely adjustable in the
                                                  range of 0.1 –19.9 /
                                                  20 - 108 min/cm 


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